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Foosball Music Video
(DVD format)

  • Item:

  • Foosball Music Video

  • Event:

  • 2005 Int'l Championships
    (aka Hall of Fame Classic)

  • Song:

  • "Coming Home"

  • Band:

  • blu Magoo

  • Sponsors:

  • FoosBars; FoosManchu

  • Format:

  • DVD

  • Length:

  • approx. 6 minutes

    YES...this is the foosball music video that tournament foosers all over the globe are talking about!! It is a 6-minute (approx.) music video of video footage taken at the 2005 Foosball International Championship Tournament (aka Hall of Fame Classic) at the Riveira Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The video is cut to a song called, "Coming Home" by a rockin' indie band from Chicago called, blu Magoo. This is sure to become an awesome foosball collectible in the future, so get yours today!

    Free Copy for People on this List:

    If you are the MAIN FOCUS of a shot where your face is shown and recognizable for 3 or more sequential seconds, get a FREE copy! This offer is for a limited time AND while supplies last.

  • Robert Mares
  • Todd Loffredo
  • Ali Eshragh
  • Bruce Nardoci
  • Dave Gummeson
  • Cara Richardville
  • Brandon Moreland
  • Debra Pflipsen
  • Tiffany Moore
  • Frederico Collignon
  • Cindy Head
  • Tom Yore
  • Tracy McMillin
  • Billy Pappas
  • Derek Melichar
  • Argentinian guy in Red shirt
  • 2 Girls on Table 14
  • Guy in wheelchair
  • Moya Tielens
  • Moya Tielens' Goalie
  • Trevor Park
  • Vivian Park
  • Little kid on red box
  • Olavo Tavares
  • Joey Smith
  • Louis Ladanyi
  • Franco Del Pozzo
  • Louis Cartwright
  • Foosball.com: Stacey Myers
  • Guy at entrance by sewing machine
  • Jason Haberman
  • Tony Spredeman
  • Rob Atha
  • Henry Serate
  • Henry Serate's Forward?
  • Inside Foos: Christina Fuchs
  • Inside Foos: Tech with yellow shirt
  • Inside Foos: Jim Stevens
  • Inside Foos: Other announcer
  • Terry Moore
  • Adrian Zamora
  • Gregg Perrie
  • Mike Maloney
  • Steph Ohashi
  • Goalie playing against Franco & Moya
  • Kevin Cizek from Goat Hill Tavern
  • Guy in Effingham shirt
  • Terry Moore's female goalie in black shirt
  • Girl in "Brunettes Do It Better" shirt
  • Edmond Shahnazarian
  • Fadi Gobran
  • Pink-haired girl
  • Shelly Langley
  • Forward in backwards baseball hat vs. Rico & Head
  • Nancy Hiromoto & Nanella?

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