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[ Foosball Locations | Suggest a FoosBar | Sharks | Update a Listing | Contact Us | Buy Merchandise | Home ] (short for foosball bars) is a foosball bar (bars, pubs, clubs, taverns, lounges, cafes) playing locations directory. Whether you call it foosball, foozball, fussball, table soccer, table football, fooseball, subbuteo, kicker, calcetto, footsball, babyfoot, bebe-foot, futbolin, metegol, tischfussball, taca, pebolim, kickeren, bordfodbold or tafelvoetbal, this site aspires to be the centralized, world-wide listing of foosball locations to play our favorite sport across the globe. will need your help, though, in order to grow to be the worldwide, centralized foosball locations directory. So if you know of any foosball bars (or other types of foosball playing locations) that should be added to the listings, please Suggest a FoosBar.

Are you travelling in the near future and want to find a place to play foosball in an area you're unfamiliar with? Or do you want to find foosball playing locations in your own area which you're not currently aware of? If so, access the directory to find foosball locations right now ==> Foosball Locations. in FHM

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